The key event on the development of automotive industry in Mexico covering automotive manufacturing, supply chain, logistics & autoretail

25 - 26 April 2017

Speakers & moderators in 2017

Arturo Rangel-Bojorges Mendoza has a degree in  Law from Universidad Panamericana in Mexico City; he holds specialties in Corporate, Civil and Administrative Law at the same University;  Antitrust from the International Law Center en Dallas, Texas; and, Customs by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. Besides his legal specializations he holds an MBA from Warsaw University (2008-2009).


He has been member of the consulting group of the Cosmetic Industry. (CANIPEC 2000-2001); legal advisor for the Biochemical Sector (AMIFAC -2001-2003); legal advisor of the independent committee of the Mexican Senate to amend the bio-safety Law in 2003-2004; chairman of the Customs Committee before the auto part manufacturers (INA, 2005-2016); acted as Secretary on the Customs Committee of the Mexican Attorneys Association. (BMA 2007- 2009); recently elected as Chairman of Automotive Sector at Canacintra and Vicepresident of Foreign Trade and International Affairs; where he is representing the interests of the Mexican industry in the negotiations of various free trade agreements such as TPP, Pacific Alliance, Panama and Brazil.


He has worked as Corporate Attorney at Novartis, General Counsel at the biotechnology company Syngenta; Regulatory Attorney at the Gillette Group; and, he is currently the Customs Counsel for the Delphi Group (2003 to date).

Manuel Fernández is president of Guanajuato Investment Office, a state agency that leads investment promotion efforts worldwide. He has been based in Chicago since 1997. Working with the Ministry of Economic Development, Fernández has played a key role in developing the fastest-growing automotive cluster in Mexico by helping hundreds of foreign companies invest more than $20 billion in the state of Guanajuato during the last 18 years. He believes that foreign trade and investment attraction are an essential driving force for state growth and development, and has actively participated in drafting local industrial policies and strategies to develop a more competitive business environment in Guanajuato. Previously, Fernández was the first director general of the Guanajuato World Trade Commission, COFOCE, a state agency responsible for promoting trade and investment opportunities.