The key event on the development of automotive industry in Mexico covering automotive manufacturing, supply chain, logistics & autoretail

25 - 26 April 2017


One-to-One Meetings

Learn about the opportunities that the participants of 1-2-1 meetings get at Adam Smith Conferences’ events!

How to RESERVE 1-to-1 meetings? 

1.   Reserve 1-to-1 meetings in advance via email

2.   You can reserve meetings with up to 4 hosts

3.   You can book additional meetings at the conference


Please note that meetings are arranged on first-come first-serve basis

If the host you wish to arrange a 1-to-1 meeting with is OVERBOOKED:

1.   Approach hosts during the conference to see whether a meeting can be arranged outside the arrange-in-advance for 1-to-1 meetings time slot

2.   Approach & message your hosts via Mobile App

3.   Ask organisers for help, leave your mobile number and email address with us and we will make sure the hosts will get your details