The key event on the development of automotive industry in Mexico covering automotive manufacturing, supply chain, logistics & autoretail

25 - 26 April 2017


Highlights at Mexican automotive forum 2017

Interactive workshop “Growth of alternative transportation and Mobility as a Service and its impact on dealerships and automotive retail”

Automotive retail is changing radically globally. New Mobility has become a reality and will continue to develop rapidly. How should OEMs & dealership groups adapt to a new reality and mitigate challenges to remain competitive and successful in the future? The purpose of the workshop is to develop the future scenarios and find solutions for the automotive retail sector players in the New Mobility Era

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Strategies for the Mexican automotive market

Learn from Government authorities, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers & consultants the recent changes in legislation, trends and challenges in the global & Mexican automotive industry & leading industry players' development strategies. Identify new business opportunities & find the way to mitigate risks for your company!

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Developing efficient supply chains

Hear the insights from Purchasing Directors from OEMs on their approach towards collaborating with suppliers & Tier 1 Suppliers’ strategies at the event! Don’t miss the opportunity to get information about recent developments in automotive parts production and innovations for the automotive sector!

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Improving reliability & reducing costs in automotive logistics

Hear insights from Logistics Directors from OEMs & Tier 1 suppliers on the challenges for automotive logistics in Mexico, participate in the interactive debate how automotive logistics will develop in Mexico and discuss solutions how to increase the speed of outbound & inbound automotive logistics, improve reliability of supply & reduce costs in the supply chain.


Maximizing car sales & managing customer experience

Learn sales strategies of the leading OEMs and dealership groups for the Mexican market and their approaches towards managing customers in the digital era! Participate in the interactive debate on enhancing customer experience & increasing value proposition in a fast changing environment! 

Forum agenda

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One-to-one meetings

Reserve your time slots to meet Purchasing & Logistics Directors from OEMs & Tier 1 suppliers face-to-face at the Mexican automotive forum! Prescheduled, private & time-effective 10-minute meetings will be hosted by executives from OEMs & Tier 1 suppliers and will provide a unique chance to develop new commercial opportunities for your company!

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Exceptional networking opportunities

At the Mexican automotive forum attendees will have superb opportunities to establish new business contacts and strengthen your relationships with existing partners during interactive discussions & round tables, one-to-one meetings, coffee breaks, lunches & cocktail reception. Don’t miss this unique chance to network with top managers from OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers & dealership groups!

Speakers and Moderators in 2017

Verónica Orendain de los Santos, General Director of Heavy and High Tech Industries, Ministry of Economy, Mexico
Verónica Orendain de los Santos

General Director of Heavy and High Tech Industries

Ministry of Economy, Mexico

César Jesús Fragozo López, Head of the Sector Development Unit, ProMexico
César Jesús Fragozo López

Head of the Sector Development Unit


Laura Iraís Ballesteros Mancilla, Deputy Minister of Planning, Ministry of Mobility, Mexico City
Laura Iraís Ballesteros Mancilla

Deputy Minister of Planning

Ministry of Mobility, Mexico City

Carlos Serrano, Chief Economist, BBVA Bancomer
Carlos Serrano

Chief Economist

BBVA Bancomer

Alexander W. Wehr, President and CEO , BMW Group Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean
Alexander W. Wehr

President and CEO

BMW Group Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean

Carlos Alberto Pardo García, General Director, Navistar Mexico
Carlos Alberto Pardo García

General Director

Navistar Mexico

Enrique Enrich, General Director, Scania Mexico
Enrique Enrich

General Director

Scania Mexico

Alberto de Icaza, Director Mexico Region , ZF TRW Active & Passive Safety Technology
Alberto de Icaza

Director Mexico Region

ZF TRW Active & Passive Safety Technology

Fernando Enciso Pérez Rubio, CEO, Automotive Direction, Grupo Autofin México
Fernando Enciso Pérez Rubio

CEO, Automotive Direction

Grupo Autofin México

Thierry Mahe, Executive Board Director & General Manager, Mexico, CNH Industrial (FIAT Group)
Thierry Mahe

Executive Board Director & General Manager, Mexico

CNH Industrial (FIAT Group)

Robert Ryan, Latin America Supply Chain Director, Cummins, Inc.
Robert Ryan

Latin America Supply Chain Director

Cummins, Inc.

Miguel Elizalde Lizarraga, Executive President, ANPACT
Miguel Elizalde Lizarraga

Executive President


Oscar Albin, Executive President, Industría Nacional de Autopartes
Oscar Albin

Executive President

Industría Nacional de Autopartes

Guillermo Prieto Treviño, Executive President, AMDA
Guillermo Prieto Treviño

Executive President


Guillermo Rosales Zarate, Deputy General Director, AMDA
Guillermo Rosales Zarate

Deputy General Director


Javier Rodríguez Della Vecchia, CEO, Zurich Mexico
Javier Rodríguez Della Vecchia


Zurich Mexico

Arturo Rangel Bojórquez, VP, International Affairs, CANACINTRA
Arturo Rangel Bojórquez

VP, International Affairs


Michel Kaim, Sales Operations & Financial Solutions Director, Hyundai Motor, Mexico
Michel Kaim

Sales Operations & Financial Solutions Director

Hyundai Motor, Mexico

Sylvia del Carmen Treviño Medina, Public Affairs Director, Honda de México
Sylvia del Carmen Treviño Medina

Public Affairs Director

Honda de México

Jose Gutierrez, Commercial Director, Volvo Trucks Mexico
Jose Gutierrez

Commercial Director

Volvo Trucks Mexico

Luiz Roberto Rodrigues, Supply Chain Director, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Luiz Roberto Rodrigues

Supply Chain Director

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Kevin Tynan, Senior Analyst, New Vehicle & Auto Part Manufacturing , Bloomberg Intelligence
Kevin Tynan

Senior Analyst, New Vehicle & Auto Part Manufacturing

Bloomberg Intelligence

Raul Chavira, Purchasing Director, Latin America, Lear Corporation
Raul Chavira

Purchasing Director, Latin America

Lear Corporation

Rodrigo Centeno, Marketing Director, Nissan LATAM
Rodrigo Centeno

Marketing Director

Nissan LATAM

Juan-Carlos Flores, Purchasing Manager, CNH Industrial (FIAT Group), Mexico
Juan-Carlos Flores

Purchasing Manager

CNH Industrial (FIAT Group), Mexico

Moisés Solís Flores, President, Asociación Mexicana de Agentes de Carga (Amacarga)
Moisés Solís Flores


Asociación Mexicana de Agentes de Carga (Amacarga)

James Carter, Principal Consultant, Vision Mobility, Canada
James Carter

Principal Consultant

Vision Mobility, Canada

Juan Manuel Cerdeira, Operations Director, CarMatch Group
Juan Manuel Cerdeira

Operations Director

CarMatch Group

Guillermo Padilla, Vice President, Asociación Mexicana de Agentes de Carga (Amacarga)
Guillermo Padilla

Vice President

Asociación Mexicana de Agentes de Carga (Amacarga)

Eduardo Watty Calvet, Sales VP Automotive Technology, Robert Bosch México
Eduardo Watty Calvet

Sales VP Automotive Technology

Robert Bosch México

David Hernandez Sanchez, Commercial Director, Suzuki Motor de Mexico
David Hernandez Sanchez

Commercial Director

Suzuki Motor de Mexico

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